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Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs Recreated

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Recreation of Old Heritage hex sign - Central rosette in two shades of reddish orange is surrounded by large and small stylized tulips with a multicolored heart anchoring the bottom. The sign is bounded by a scalloped green border, and has a solid green edge.

Deutsch folk art

I recreated the old traditional sign for the customer, who had purchaced it as a commerical silk screened sign many years ago. The original had been hanging inside their home to protect it from the elements; the masonite on which these signs were printed does not hold up to exterior display. The family wanted a larger, durable sign to actually mount on their barn, and they got it!


recreation of commercial hex sign for outdoor display

When recreating an old, damaged sign, I usually work from a phtograph of the original. As you can see from these two shots, it is challenging work!

original sign