Pennsylvania "Dutch" Hex Signs — Barn Signs — Folk Art Decor
Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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It is important that the hex painter be clear as to the appropriatness of the hex before beginning to draw and then paint the design. Tradition proclaims that, when asked to do this work, the painter respond "I'll try" in recognition that we do not completely control our fate. As good practitioner will counsel with their client first, making sure that the person is prepared to do their share to make the magick work. The Hexen do not suspend the rules by which the universe works, but rather work with them, so that someone who might desire prosperity, but be unwilling to do more than complain about their poverty and buy lottery tickets is not a particularly good candidate for having the magick work!

In the actual design, traditional elements can be used and modified, and additional elelment added. Hex, like some other forms of magick, has traditionally borrowed liberally from local cultural symbols. Not only do we see geometric forms, but also hearts (love) tulips (faith -- they are viewed as a form of lily) oak leaves and acorns(strength, masculinity), grapes, grape leaves, ivy leaves (feminity), pomegranites (fertility) and even pineapples (welcome), unicorns (purity) and distlefinks (welcome) (thought to be a representation of a German bird similar to a goldfinch), eagles (strength, protection) and even roosters!

Hexes with 3 repetitions of a motif, or points on a geometic design relate to things of the spirit, as to those with 6 (2x3); designs based on 4 or 8 relate to things of the material world. However these are only rules of thunb... you will notice that the Double Creators' Star is based on 6 but is traditionally painted to "bind the blessings of prosperity." The basis for this is Solomon's Seal" - "To surround yourself mentally with these six lines is to establish yourself within the strongest balance of the Universe"

In general, 3 and 6 are also considered feminine and 4 and 8 masculine, but since the spirit element in this is stronger than the physical, do not hesitate to cross these "lines" and draw an 8-frequency hex for am woman or a 6 pointed one for a man.


earth star flower pennsylvania dutch hex sign

yearly blessing pennsylvania dutch hex sign

growth hex, pennsylvania dutch hex sign

protection pennsylvania dutch hex sign

pennsylvania dutch hex sign to protect from the evil eye