Pennsylvania "Dutch" Hex Signs — Barn Signs — Folk Art Decor
Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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My research and personal experience tells me that, whatever the history of the hex sign, the practice has, over time, been thoroughly melded with the Christian religion. All of the pre-1990 publications I have read confirm that my grandmother's practice of empowering the design "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen" was shared by other practitioners.

I was taught that each design was a "painted prayer," the purpose of which was to manifest on Earth (in the physical realm) that which was asked of the Spiritual realm ("as above, as below"). My grandmother also taught me about the signs she painted:

the basic "good fortune" rosette:

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign

the Double Creators Star:

to bind the blessings of prosperity

and a few others...



WelcomeWelcome Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign

Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign Protection

Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign for change Change

I was taught that the signs were not to be just dashed off or doodled, but to be meaningfully constructed, in consecrated space. I was taught to cover ny head while working and to always begin from the center.

One mentally places deity in the center, as you set the point of the compass and inscribe the boundary of the circle, as the limit of God's reach, under which the hex is worked. Now we know that there is no limit to the reach of our Gods, but it is figurative and also not possible to draw a circle with an infinite radius.

One keeps a focus on the intent of the design, and on the person for which one is working throughout the drawing and painting.