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Blessed Year Pennsylvania Dutch
hex sign
with Old Norse Galdr

Jj Starwalker
Corinth, ME


blessed year with old Norse Galdr

This Blessed Year sign, one of several versions painted by hexeri Jj Starwalker, calls forth blessings of growth, maturing and harvest for the year with its 12-fold petal design in yellow, orange,brown and green.

The central 12-petal motif evokes the seasons, giving the energy for the yearly cycle, represented by the alternating green, yellow, orange and red petals. The design is panted on an ecru field surrounded with green.

The words surrounding the design, Fé, Vit, Friðr, Grið, Heill, are an old Norse galdr (magikal operation) of prosperity and health for the person chanting them, and by extension for the owner of this sign. They translate as "Wealth, Wisdom, Harmony, Security and Health."