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Traditionally Hand Drawn and Hand Painted and Hex Signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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Custom Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

Click on the small image to see a larger version.

Entitled "Love," this custom recreation sign was the 2nd replacement (first by DutchHexSign.com) for a much loved piece. It features a stylized distlefink bird and two tulip-style flowers with non-tulip leaves which are are shown over the reversed out word “love.” The black background circle is surrounded by a unique scalloped border. The client says "my house would not feel right without it."

This design is an ancient Celtic symbol of protection and a means of warding off evil and other dangers. The Shield knot can be made in a number of designs, but its four distinct corners must always be included. The shield design is rendered in earthy brown, within a 12 pointed star of protection. Stylized wheat symbols within the star points call for year round abundance.

Harmony, Prosperity and Good Fortune are the blessings this sign imparts. The central design evokes the grounding, centering and empowering strength of the world tree. Trees are seen as both masculine (the trunk) and feminine (the long flowing branches.) It is surrounded by a star of protection in the color of the earth. Between the points of the star, the stylized wheat motifs bring prosperity and tulips invoke faith.

This sign is a custom recreated Wedding Blessings sign. It is a recreation of a Zook design which features two crossed love birds crowned by a heart and embraced by sprigs of greenery. The sign is bounded by rain drops in two hues of blue, symbolizing blessings “raining down” on the happy couple.

Another custom recreated sign, this sign was originally designed and painted by the client's daughter. It did not hold up well, due to her having used less optimal paints. I recreated it on exterior plywood with Glidden exterior house paint, as all of the signs are made. The sign features stylized tulips which center the design, below a heart and they are flanked by rampant horses.

The Welcome and Protection custom hex sign has a central design which includes distelfink birds in red, blue facing both directions on a sunny yellow background. Central to the design is a heart (love) from which red lotus flowers evoke peace. The surrounding eight-pointed star motif is rendered in alternating red and blue, surrounded by red dots that renew the protection at each turn of the Wheel of the Year.