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A Note from the Artist

Jj Starwalker
Corinth, ME


Sometimes things need to change, and this is one of those times.

This old hex sign painter will be 74 this year and, as often comes with time and age, I am slowing down Do not worry, I am not "retiring" from my retirement projects, painting hex signs by commission being one. Neither am I retiring from my position as chief shepherd and wrangler of ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and the occasional turkey -- not to mention sowing, hoeing, harvesting, putting by and of course eating the fruits and vegetables of my labor. Being a subsistence farmer is in my blood and I can no more imagine life without dirt under my fingernails and paint on every article of clothing that I own than many modern day folks can imagine life without a computer and a telephone in their back pocket.

But truth be told, I do everything more slowly these days and since we still only get 24 hours in a day, something has to give.

Add into the mix that many parts of my well used and well-worn body are beginning to show their age and you can imagine that evne with a growing collection of bionic parts, I guess I did not qualify for the "million dollar woman" upgrade. There are "good eye days" and others that don't quite get there. There are days when the finest. most even straight line flows from my brush with nearly mechanical precision and days when the hand, or the back or some other part says "hell no!" in no uncertain terms.

And through this all, the seasons continue to roll, windows of opportunity on the farm open and close by Mother Nature's whim, and there is no reset button. Yes, I know there is a grocer in town and a farmer's marketa little farther away and for them I am glad....as an emergency back up and for those to whom this life does not call.

Since I have failed at my negotiations with Mother Nature, the only place I can make adjustments is in the hex world, and so I have.

All of my usual offerings still reside on the Store page, but the one-click order solution no longer remains. Instead you will find a link to email the hexenmeister to discuss your needs. I need the flexability to work with you to schedule work on your sign, rather than waking up to surprise orders with no way to even out the workflow or prevent the seasonal backups that happen every year when a large number of smaller signs, or a number or larger ones, drop all at once.

Since I cut eacg plywood disk to order, these one on one email exchanges will make it possible for you to easily request "off-sizes" beyond the usual 12, 24, 36 and if you are able to collect your sign personally, 48 inch disks. We can discuss colors, as I wade through the supply chain issues continuing to plague paint manufacturers, and more quickly customize your sign, should this option appeal to you.

I know this is a step in a different direction, in an increasingly "on demand" world, but is actually much more in keeping with the reality of what ordering one of my signs is: the process of commissioning a one of a kind work of traditional Pennsylvania "Deutsch" folk art, with the added spiritual element of being emposwered blessings, prayers and invocation.

Please reach out to me by email with any questions you may have. I look forward to working with as many of you as is possible each year as we move forward.