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traditionally hand drawn and hand painted hex signs, empowered prayers and folk art by hexerei Starwalker

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In the time of Covid 19
I am thankful to live in a rural area, to work as a solitary artist and to have lots of experience as a homesteader, living in remote areas, making few trips to town and having many honestead-oriented things to do. This includes continuing to paint hex signs. If you choose to order one at this time you can be assured that not only am I practicing "extreme social distancing" but all materials brought in at this time are being sanitized, as is the final product prior to shipping.

Pennsylvania Dutch Abundance hex signThe Hexenmeister (hex master) is the painter of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch (actually Deutsch or German) hex signs, commonly found at the peaks or on the sides of barns in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. These circular designs have much mystery, myth and confusion surrounding them. I was taught that they were "painted prayers," invocations and petitions made visible, asking God for the blessing of protection for home and farm, good fortune, abundance and prosperity or inviting guests to be welcome.

Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign protection for angora rabbitsLike many folk arts, their roots are not clear. This site is devoted to the art, magik and practice of designing and painting these symbols of my Pennsylvania "Dutch" heritage, the tradition in which I was taught and the directions in which I have taken it.

Jj Starwalker

We get compliments!

"They love it, as we do & hope you feel the same. Once again, thanks for your great service and playing such a large part in making her birthday a special memory she will enjoy every day."  K.O. -- Arizona

"I am in love with your work!"  W.M. -- Massachusetts

Earth Star Flower hex sign"I received it [Earth Star Flower sign, pictured] and It's beautiful! Thank you!"  L.H. -- Oregon

 "I consider it a sacred part of my milking room."  M.W.-- Oklahoma

"You have done outstanding work!" K.W. -- Delaware

" It is beautiful and we LOVE it! We will have a little ceremony following your instructions and carefully place it on his chosen place of display. It was a pleasure working with you!! Thank you so much. " N.K. -- Alabama

Visit the Store page and check out the new designs available, with more to come.

I also do CUSTOM WORK and recreate old, damaged but well loved signs